Profil is a company with the longest tradition in the Polish packaging industry. We have been operating since 1992 and today we rank among the European most prominent companies in the flexible laminate packaging sector. We employ over 260 people and have three manufacturing plants; more than 30 state-of-the-art packaging lines designed for special purposes; and dedicated space for cosmetics, groceries, products sensitive to microbiological factors as well as loose and dusty products.

As one of few companies of such size in this industry, Profil continues its family tradition. The company is 100% controlled by one family and hence strategic decisions have never been taken based upon short-term financial data which are so much important for the external investors. We have been always pursuing the path of the longterm growth.

The know-how relating to packaging materials and production technologies is our great advantage. In the course of our activity we have tested nearly all printing shops and laminate suppliers. We know where and how to find good value for money. We have a broad knowledge of printing and laminating as well as of different types of materials and their specification. We have also tested a number of challenging types packaging and materials relevant for packaging. Packaging machines have no more secrets from us. That is why we are able to adjust them on our own so that they suit new forms of packaging or types of packaging content.

Our packaging fleet comprises mainly the Spanish line produced by Mespack. However, we also operate on other lines including German MediSeal and Hassia; Spanish Volpak and Enflex; Polish Polpak and Miflex; and finally Blazek from the Czech Republic.

Profil boasts the status of a supported employment enterprise. Our partners support the disabled and therefore they can take advantage of ZFRON deductions which can total even up to 20% of the turnover generated with Profil.